Love Is a Choice – No Matter The “Lifestyle”

Love Is a Choice – No Matter The “Lifestyle”.


The Beginning

In 2004 my sister qualified for and went through the procedure of Bariatric or stomach altering surgery for the severely over weight individual.  While my sister had drank alcohol for years, she had never drank to extent of being drunk on a daily basis.  She would mostly only drink on weekends and not to the extent of slurring her speech.

I am going to use this blog to discuss some of the frustrations the family is going through; as we do not know how to handle this situation.  At this point, she makes a total fool out of herself when she is drinking and she is drinking all day long when she is not at work.  I think she probably even drinks when she is at work, because I don’t think she can make it through the work day without drinking.  She has actually substituted one addiction for another.  My sister is not the only one who has this problem following this surgical procedure.  If you don’t believe me, just google bariatric surgery and addictions.  These people need to have ongoing counseling/therapy before and after this surgery.  It’s killing my sister.  I know, because I am watching her die.

No one wants to invite her to parties because we don’t know what to expect.  If we call her at eleven O’clock in the morning, she is already slurring her speech.  She has fallen multiple times.  Most recently she was taken to the hospital in the morning from her job by ambulance and has been diagnosed with Cardiomyopathy (heart failure) resulting from her drinking.  The physician told her she needed to stop drinking and smoking.  She told him she would.  She has not.  As a matter of fact even with all the Cardiac medications she is now on, she seems to be drinking even more.  I had suggested while she was still in the hospital that she go into at least as 30-day rehab.  She has insurance and it would at least have been an effort.  By the way, she actually was experiencing withdrawal symptoms in the hospital and had to be medicated for that also.  She had visual hallucinations and hand trembling really bad.

People who are seriously obese have a problem with food.  They need to resolve that issue so that they don’t substitute one addiction for another.


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